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Chiropractic For Veterans

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Our office has been proudly serving Veterans since 2001 in different capacities.  Whether a Veteran has just returned from active duty or served during World War 2, every individual has a story to tell and that story often involves a history of back pain during or after military service.   

If you are a Veteran, we want to first thank you for the commitment that you made and your service to help protect our nation and its democracy.   For that commitment, you may be entitled to and already receiving health care through the Veterans Administration(VA).    What you may not know is that the VA offers Chiropractic care as a treatment option for certain eligible conditions including back and neck pain.  Furthermore, if the VA is unable to provide you with Chiropractic care in a timely manner , you may be able to receive care at our office instead.  We will work with the VA to obtain reimbursement so you will never see a bill for the help that you need.   If you are not eligible for this program, we accept most major medical insurance, Medicare and also provide care to Veterans at a discount if they have no insurance for Chiropractic.    The first step is to call or text our office and let us know you are a Veteran.   We can discuss your options with you and set you up for a free consultation with the Doctor to help determine if we can help you and what you may want to discuss with your physician at the VA.  We  look forward to meeting you.  

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